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Like what you see?  Here’s what we believe and why trusting your home to us is different.

Vacation time seems more valuable now.  Kids are growing up, parents and grandparents are getting older, and cherished time with close friends is harder to come by.  We’re all so, so busy.  Staying in a private, well-appointed home gateways opportunities for rest, relaxation, family meals, silly times — memories that last.   That’s why demand for vacation home rentals has grown so much.

As an owner, you may have a home that’s not being used as often as it used to.  Or you’re planning to sell, but the market is slow.  Wouldn’t it be great to have this asset generating revenue for you?  Rental revenue can pay property taxes, ongoing maintenance or fund improvements.  But you have concerns about ‘who’ will be staying there and how the home is maintained.  We get it.  We’ve been there.

For the luxury market — a higher level of experience and care is imperative. Fill out the form below or call and let’s talk!

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Why We’re Different

  • Professional, experienced business people.  We bring intelligence, experience and integrated marketing.  And yes, we work with homes that are currently ‘For Sale’.
  • Personal Relationships
    • Careful Guest Screening
    • Arrival Concierge
      • By meeting each guest personally at your home, we answer questions, provide recommendations and make sure there are no surprises.
    • 24/7 Service – as problems don’t always happen from 8-5.
  • Exceptional Home Care
    • Cleanliness matters, as does attention to detail.
    • Complete Property Management (or a la carte)

How We Treat Our Owners

Have questions?  Need more information?  Contact Kellee or Rob today — no sales pitch — we’re here to answer questions and if it’s the right model to meet your needs, you’ll know.

  • No limits on owner stays
  • Simple monthly statements
  • Custom, personal care of your home
  • Maximum revenue, based on your goals

What Our Owners Say